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If you've just started with synchronized swimming, it can sometimes be confusing to know what you need and when. That's why we provide you with a checklist of everything you'll need.

For Training

Make sure you have a nice swimsuit. We all train in swimsuits because wearing a bikini can lead to entanglement. You can choose any swimsuit for training, just pick one you feel comfortable in.

A nose clip, goggles, and a swim cap are essential. During routines, your hair may get in your face, and without these items, you may end up with water in your eyes and nose. Not pleasant!

Don't forget to bring flip-flops and a towel to the pool – they're always handy to have. For landpractive and flexitility training a (yoga) mat is very useful.

For Competitions

During competitions with the competitive groups, it's mandatory to wear a black swimsuit and a white swim cap. Make sure you always have these at home. If the swimmers need a glitter swimsuit, the coaches will provide them.

Once again, never forget to bring your nose clip, swim cap, and goggles!

Competition days can be quite long, so always ensure you have enough water and snacks with you. Prior to the competition you will get a short briefing from your trainer.